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Vacation DestinationOrganizing a vacation could be challenging, but it’s a good way to get the family members on the same page, looking towards a satisfying vacation together. Family holidays are an excellent time to bond with family members and create memorable experiences. The main element to a successful vacation is in the preparation. Here are a few tips for organizing your family getaway.

First, begin planning your family trip well before the actual trip. This is often a fun and interesting process, as you discuss possible destinations, methods of travel, and things to do as soon as you get there. Make it a point to visit travel specialists together and, gather details from agents in person and online. Planning in advance will provide you with a better opportunity to discover good deals by booking in advance.

Second, keep cool. Planning for a family getaway ought to be a good time in and of itself, not to mention the fun you should have on the vacation. Don’t turn this into a family struggle, or a black cloud will loom over the whole planning process, and quite possibly the trip itself. If your family is feeling crabby or tired, save the planning for a time when everybody feels better.

Third, let everyone have some suggestions. Even the youngest kids should get to have a say in the preparation process. Planning a trip ought to be something everyone could be involved in. Not only will it be more satisfying for them, but they will be less likely to blame you if stuff goes wrong on the trip, since they had a say in the planning.

Fourth, select a family-friendly location. When you are considering different travel destinations, remember that different family members have different passions and needs. Look for someplace that may have something for everybody, even if they’re not 100% entertained night and day.

If you have younger children, you can find great resorts offering kids programs that may keep your kids entertained for one hour or the entire day. Similarly, resorts with activities geared towards teenagers could be fun if your kids fall into that age brackets. Does your family share a common interest? If you like walking, skiing, or scuba diving, consider someplace where everyone can participate together in those activities.

Finally, ask your agent about package deals or special offers for traveling at specific times of the year, or savings for households with children. Not all package deals get posted on the agent’s website, so it pays to inquire in person. It is possible to find great deals if you are flexible regarding when and where you vacation, so make sure to keep an open mind.

Organizing a getaway is part of the fun of the trip itself. It builds excitement and anticipation, permitting you as well as your children to dream of the fantastic time you’re likely to have. More importantly, a well-planned trip will probably go more smoothly and be more exciting than one which was mostly unplanned. Remember everyone’s goals and the activities they love, and you’ll be in a better position to find a vacation destination that makes everybody happy.


Vacations Are Required For Good Health

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VacationsTaking a vacation provides time for much needed relaxation and rest; it allows you to briefly set aside your daily responsibilities at home and in the office. It’s your time to travel and seek out new adventures. Vacations also create unforgettable memories that you can enjoy for a lifetime. A vacation is necessary to recharge your body, mind and soul. Whether you spend your vacation playing sports, socializing or reading quietly, research indicates that the more leisure time there is, the healthier you become and the better you feel.


Vacations Provide Health Benefits

Here’s a few ways you’ll benefit by taking a vacation:

  • Helps to improve your physical health
  • Aids in reducing stress
  • Helps to improve your mental skills
  • Strengthens family bonds

Experts agree that people who take their health seriously need to take their vacation time seriously. Research shows that men who take a vacation each year reduce their overall risk of dying by approximately 20 %, and the risk of dying from heart disease by up to 30 %. When your mind becomes overloaded it can produce undesirable effects on your body to help keep healthy, allot some time each day to allow your mind to do absolutely nothing.

Going on vacation can often be a source of stress itself, often people plan a vacation where every day is filled with many fast paced activities. In this situation, the vacation can be as stressful as the job you’re getting away from. Have you ever heard someone say they need a vacation to recoup from their vacation? I know it’s happened to me, I’ve felt less exhausted before I went on vacation.

It’s important to realize that a certain amount of time is required just being idle to enjoy a happy and contented life and relaxation is the best method for managing stress. Take a vacation to allow your mind and body to unwind and adjust to a slower pace. Whether you choose to sit on the beach and read a book or lay by the pool and enjoy a nap, it’s important to rest and allow your mind and body to unwind. To obtain the greatest health benefits from a vacation, it is important to do the least amount possible, and set time aside to rest both your mind and body. After all, the purpose for a vacation is to return feeling rejuvenated.

In addition to the health benefits you’ll receive, a vacation will provide you the chance to visit new places and discover new adventures. Some individuals may choose to travel abroad and explore a wonderful new country, while others may enjoy their vacations exploring the mountains. Often people take time off work and stay around home visiting friends and family or volunteering in their community. There are a many ways a vacation and time away from the office can be spent. What’s important is to select whatever works well for you and is best for your health. Remember, the goal is to relax, rest and recharge and forget about the stress of your daily life.

Three Great Family Vacation Destinations

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Family VacationWhen it comes to arranging a family vacation it can be difficult to satisfy everyone in the household. This is especially an issue if you have children of all ages. Even so, you can find three great travel destinations offering activities for kids and adults of most ages and interests.

1. Walt Disney World – This vacation destination is not a secret to anyone nonetheless it continues to be one of the main vacation spots for families. For small children it’s the vacation of a lifetime getting to see and interact with the many popular Disney characters. Small children will merely be in heaven the second they set foot in Disney World. It’s also a favorite vacation spot for older children due to the exciting rides. They might not be crazy about seeing all of the Disney characters; nevertheless, you can be sure they’ll love all the theme parks.

2. Oahu, Hawaii – Who could dispute a vacation to Hawaii? With so many things to do on one little island this is a top choice for just about any family vacation. Kids, young and old, will have the trip of a lifetime when they play at Waikiki Beach. Older kids can journey to the north shore in order to do some surfing, while the whole family can enjoy a visit to Pearl Harbor. Combine an eco-tour and participating in a luau and you have one incredible vacation the whole family will remember.

3. Wisconsin Dells, WI – Referred to as the world’s Water Park Capital; this less popular vacation destination is really a hidden treasure. Everyone from grownups to young kids will definitely find something to do at one of the numerous Wisconsin Dells attractions which include; water parks, theme parks, go karts, miniature golf, scenic tours and great entertainment. There is no fear of inclement weather since the family can always return to one of the many Wisconsin Dells resorts offering indoor water parks.

When it’s time to arrange the next family vacation, plan a vacation to one of the vacation spot’s above and you will have some happy vacationers regardless of the age. More notably, you’ll create family memories that will last forever.

Owning Your Own Vacation Home

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Your Own Vacation HomeHave you ever thought about buying your own piece of paradise in some vacation destination? It may be easier than you think! Whether it’s a one bedroom cottage by a lake or a four bedroom ocean front island condo, it would Your Own Vacation Home that you can visit whenever you want. The truth is that most people don’t consider purchasing their own vacation getaway, they feel that that is something reserved for celebrities, the rich and famous or a least the upper class. However, once upon a time that may have been true but, the recession that this country faced just a few short years ago has made this a definitely possible for many people.

Prior to the recession real estate values had risen to an all time high, loans were fairly easy to obtain and the banks were often willing to loan more money than a property was worth. Then, the recession hit, jobs were lost, unemployment rose and the value of real estate plummeted and many people found themselves upside down on their loans. As a result many people were unable to afford their vacation homes and they were lost to the banks. Soon the banks were overloaded with properties and no buyers. A few years have since pasted and there are still plenty of vacation properties available for purchase and often for a terrific deal.

Methods for Owning Your Own Vacation Home

1. Look for vacation properties for sale by private owner. Many people bought vacation homes they couldn’t really afford with the intent of reselling them quickly for a nice profit. Instead, the bottom fell out of the housing market, homes quit selling and even though they were able to keep the home it’s caused them a financial hardship. These individuals are motivated to sell and quite often you can pick up your dream vacation home for a substantial savings.

2. Look for foreclosures and short sales. Banks and lending institutes are interested in money not real estate. But, over the last few years these lenders have been forced to foreclose on an abnormally high volume of homes, many of which were second homes or vacation homes. The banks need to turn their real estate holdings into cash, and I know of many individuals that were finally able to acquire a vacation home due to the small amount of money the bank was willing to accept.

3. Purchase your vacation home from a tax sale. Banks and lending institutes weren’t they only ones to acquire individuals vacation properties. During the recession many people simply didn’t have the money to pay the property tax on their vacation home. As a result, counties in states all across the country either imposed a tax lien against the delinquent property owners or acquired the deed to the property. Just like the banks, the county government has no use for real estate; they need cash to run the county. Periodically, the county will sell tax lien certificates or tax deeds in order to generate the money they require. Many individuals have been able to purchase their vacation home from a county held tax deed sale. I know of one person that purchased a condo on one of Georgia’s barrier islands at a tax deed sale. They were able to acquire of vacation condo in a beach resort for 60% below the original market value; this is a vacation home they would have been unable to afford otherwise.

The great recession we experienced a few years ago created both hardships and opportunities. A decade ago many believed the idea of owning their own vacation home was only a dream, however, with the events that have taken place over the past few years for many that dream has become a reality.


A Winter Wonderland Vacation Destination

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taos winter wonderlandQuite often people choose a warm, sunny, beach destination for their vacation getaway. Instead, consider an alternative and set your sites on a winter wonderland vacation destination for your next travel adventure. I know the sounds of the ocean and warm beach are appealing to many individuals, but you owe it to yourself to experience a winter destination at least once. Think about it, skiing, snowboarding and ice skating and sipping a glass of wine (or your favorite beverage) around a roaring fire at the best ski resort in the United States, Taos Ski Valley located in the fantastic state of  New Mexico.


Many individuals overlook the beauty of a winter vacation. For many, a winter destination paints the picture of gloomy skies, cold, snow and desolation. However, one visit to a Taos Ski Valley ski resort and I guarantee you’ll make this a vacation spot that you’ll return to time and time again. In addition to the 300 plus days of sun New Mexico receives each year, you’ll find breath taking views, friendly locals and many activities beyond skiing, snowboarding and ice skating. If you’re looking for a vacation that’s filled with excitement, great food and drink and plenty to keep you busy, you’ll find it in New Mexico.

Some of the resorts in this winter paradise offer full blown health and fitness centers. I’m not talking about some small room stuck in an out of the way spot in a building with a treadmill, stair climber and a few weights; I’m talking about a complete fitness center. If you need some down time to recharge your batteries, the centers in these resorts can provide what you need. Visit the spa for a much needed massage or relax with a yoga class or receive a long awaited beauty treatment in the salon. Often times these resorts will provide complimentary fitness training and nutrition classes with individually tailored one-on-one services. Here is a brief look at what you may find:

  • Therapeutic baths – Image soaking in a relaxing salt water bath while the powerful jets of the spa massage you while you sit back and enjoy the view of a snow capped mountain.
  • Facial services – Both men and women can benefit from restorative facials and skin care that is state of the art.
  • Massage therapy – Enjoy an exotic massage, a hot stone therapy or possibly a Swedish massage.
  • Body sculpting – revitalize your body some cellulite reducing body sculpting or a seaweed wrap.
  • Beauty Treatments – Treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure and a new hair style in the salon.
  • Benefit from customized personal training – Often provided are certified personal trainers that can help you to develop your custom workout routine through individualized instruction.
  • Take part in a nutritional consultation – Attend a nutritional consultation seminar and workshop. Delve into your diet and lifestyle and discover what you can do to get on the road to better health. Normally these seminars cover far more than basic diet and exercise suggestions; learn about the vitamins or workout supplements you can take to receive more benefit from your workout routines.

If you don’t feel like pampering yourself at a health and fitness center and skiing or snowboarding doesn’t interest you, there are still plenty of things you can do in Taos. There are plenty of unique and interesting shops to visit or many wonderful restaurants to enjoy. Also many people enjoy a scenic walk, horseback riding, fishing, wildlife watching, and mountain biking or just sitting around a fire, relaxing and catching up on their reading. Yes, one visit to the winter wonderland of Taos Ski Valley and you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the trip years before.

A Beach Vacation on Tybee Island

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beach vacationHow does swimming, surfing, kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding, or snorkeling sound? If it sounds like something you would enjoy you’ll want to consider a beach vacation within a community that can offer you all of these activities. Fortunately, you are able to do this on Tybee Island. Tybee, is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean just a half hour drive east from historical downtown Savannah Georgia.

Vacationing in Tybee is, without a doubt, more than adequate to provide you with everything you’re looking for in a vacation getaway, good food, great people and fantastic weather. If you’re looking to making your beach vacation all that it can be, you should consider renting a beachfront condo on the island. A beachfront condo is the perfect addition to any Tybee vacation, particularly if you want your vacation to focus on the beach and the many beach activities available.

A number of condos, especially in the mid section of the island are newer and have many modern amenities. The island condos can accommodate almost any size family with 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units available. Newer units come with flat panels TV’s, Bluray players, Ipod docks, granite counters, and stainless appliances. What’s great about condos is the manner in which they resemble a vacation home with separate bedrooms, bathrooms, family rooms, dining areas, and kitchens and many are furnished well. In addition, most of the beachfront condos have private balconies with fantastic views of the beach and ocean. For added convenience, a few of the complexes have heated pools and an on-site restaurant.

As you may expect, Tybee’s beach front condos are highly rated and well recommended. For that reason, there are a fair number of travelers, each year that reserve a condo on the island. If you intend to visit the island during the summer months, you are urged to make your reservations well in advance. In fact, many visitors make their reservations for a beachfront condo as much as a year in advance. There are only a few quality condo complexes with beachfront access available, so you don’t want to wait till the last minute to make a reservation.

To reserve a Tybee beachfront condo, you have a number of different options. You can often book through one of the islands property management companies, through VRBO, (Vacation Rentals by Owner) or possibly by working directly with the owner. Many of the properties can be viewed online, with details and pictures of the properties available.

If you want to add a little extra to your next vacation, I recommend a visit to Tybee Island and a stay in a beachfront condo. Quite honestly, there’s nothing better than sitting on a private balcony, drinking your morning cup of coffee and watching the sunrise over the Atlantic.  It doesn’t really matter how you go about reserving your condo as long as you do it well in advance. Once you’ve stayed in a condo on the beach you’ll never want to stay anywhere else.